September 12, 2019

Learning What We Didn’t Know

We are taught to know what we are told we need to know. The historical methods of learning have taught us what others think we need to know. What we don’t know is then up to us to learn.

Before the internet we learned from institutions, friends, family and co-workers.  Learning was a process largely influenced from local resources; schools, work, communities and civic activities.  We also learned from media fed to us and media we sought in books, videos and sound.  Our resources were limited by reach, access and choices.

Today the resources for learning are unlimited and for the most part free. Our reach to information is unlimited and access is 24/7  which expands the venue of choices.  As a result we are all learning what we didn’t know but want to know and we are being taught by others that do know.

Engagement Is The New Teacher

The internet’s evolution has accelerated human engagement more in the last ten years then in the last 500 years. Human engagement enhances learning and when you enhance the human networks ability to engage with global resources you create self organized learning in the cloud.

Learning has left the building and people are self organizing to learn what they didn’t know and gaining the information to know from each other and from global digital resources at the click of a mouse.Now faster than ever with AI.

What happens when we learn what we didn’t know is that we now know more than we knew. Knowing more individually and collectively expands the possibilities for innovation. We expand the possibilities of innovation by creating new solutions to old problems.  Today’s problems are the result of what we didn’t know yesterday. Tomorrows solutions are the result of finding answers to what we don’t know.  Those answers come from overcoming the limits of our brains by learning what we didn’t know.  Innovation is about creating something new and valuable. It comes from learning and creating value from what we didn’t know.  AI will advance learning faster than we know.

Watch this video and learn something you may not have known.