October 10, 2019

Can AI Build & Manage Your Website?

We are likely to get full-featured AI Web services from leading web developers in 2020 and a surge in participants thereafter. These systems will look for information, analyze it, make the forecast and keep participating in the website development process even after its publication.

AI will automate functions and features such as building databases, managing servers, self-teaching systems with complex connectionist networks and even content management. Smart managers, generative design, advanced automatic marketing, and automated SEO. And AI will continue to keep the site and all its’ functions and features up to date. Today, we witness the birth of the trend. Some web developers imitate it, while others really try their best effort to create a brand-new useful technology that saves time, lowers cost and improves user experiences.

AI technologies hold lots of promise and power for enhanced user experiences, personalized content for each visitor and one of the fastest-growing design trends for web design is Voice Search Optimization. Since many customers are using their mobile devices more than their desktop, websites often must optimize for mobile devices. In this aspect, AI can help as well.

So, if you are currently in the web development business, get ready for lots of changes that will force you to reinvent your entire business practices.