November 18, 2019

More People Are Learning About AI

If you learn something it doesn’t mean that you understand it completely. When it comes to AI it is important to understand the difference between learning and understanding AI.

There is a great difference between simply learning a thing and truly understanding. Learning can be defined as the ability to memorize a certain set of supposed facts. When we go to school we generally learn things. Teachers go through a well-outlined curriculum and teach a certain subject by presenting certain data as fact, and then expect the students to memorize these facts. Being a good learner usually depends on your ability to memorize this data well and then apply this data in a very limited and focused manner.

Truly understanding anything, on the other hand, involves being able to correlate a whole bunch of data in order to come up with a more holistic conclusion. While being a good learner is always a positive trait, being able to truly understand depends on your ability to comprehend the underpinnings of this data. You could say that while learning is the act of memorization, understanding is the ability to discover and see clearly the beliefs and connections that created this data in the first place.

The image below shows how learning is just reciting everything memorized (the speech bubble) whereas understanding is about having ideas and comprehending the material.

There are more people learning about AI than those who truly understand it.