About US

Accelerate InSite is a knowledge management company focused on implementation of AI and ML for firms large and small. AI and ML require an understanding of "data and the scientific tools of analysis along with state of the art technologies". We transfer that knowledge and the technological pathways to our clients.

Utilize Our Talents

AI growth and connectivity is driven by data about people, processes and performance. AI can monitor anyone, anything anywhere.

Strategists & Scientists

Our strategists and scientists operationalize data through artificial intelligence platforms to find new discoveries and capitalize on new trends at the speed of light. 

The strategic work designed to discover critical levers for any business depends on the quality of available data and its availability.

Analysts & Educators

Our analysts locate new knowledge that our educators bring to market to help individuals and organizations understand shifts in tech/market developments that require a change in thinking.

Everything has data attached to it. Industries of every kind, processes supporting every kind of work and people engaged in that work. AI has applications to measure, monitor and improve.

Architects & Technologists

The combined knowledge from our collective team enables our architects and technologists to determine better ways for organizations to bring their value proposition to market.


Our Resource Network

No one person can deliver all that any one of our clients needs when it comes to AI services. So when we say "Our Team" the very nature of our work and the quality of what we do cannot be done for any of our clients by any single resource.  It takes a "real team" to deliver what is expected by our clients.