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Technology is changing rapidly. Business owners are faced with a technological revolution and the choices to make are daunting.

Properly implemented, todays advance technologies present the biggest economic opportunity for businesses of any size around the world in the next decade. Subsequently many organizations are beginning to engage in the process of simply understanding which technologies have the most promise to offer their business.

However, as outlined in a report by BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review, enterprises identity the following three factors that lead to an organization’s slow adoption of AI and other enterprise technologies:

  • Lack of a systemic technological strategy
  • Lack of awareness about today‚Äôs technological capabilities
  • Lack of trained technological talent in their organizations

Integration of technology related products and services is becoming more important if not vital to the future success of an organization. At Accelerated InSite we understand the current market maturity and the future exponential growth of technology advances. As a result, our Consulting Services are designed to build a “lean approach” that enables an organization to effectively and efficiently overcome the three factors that drive slow adoption.

Relying on specialists in human centered design and systemic thinking, project management, process improvement, organizational training, and technology applications, our assessment teams are constituted to achieve your objectives on your terms.

First, as part of an assessment of your organization’s readiness for upgrading your technological foundations we identify what “gaps” need to be filled over time from most to least critical.

Within the organizational assessment we also identify specific business issues which have low complexity and high benefit and use those as case studies to raise awareness within your organization. See Prioritization Assessment Matrix here. Insuring success of these initial projects increases confidence in the value of advanced technologies and provides a pathway forward for additional improvements.

The final segment of the organizational assessment is to identify the depth and breadth of your human capital capabilities relevant to both the skills and knowledge inventory. Therefore, a training and education plan can be established with the aim of internalizing the needed capacity to further optimize the power of advanced technological solutions unique to your business in the long term.

Our approach provides a short term improvement strategy which allows for increased awareness of the capabilities of advanced technologies. Short term wins through basic training begins the process. As a result, more informed focus can be spent creating a three year strategy, mapping out more projects and defining integrated training and awareness efforts that involve all stakeholders.

Avoiding “one size fits all” deliverables, there are different variations of this approach that can be designed for any organization depending on its size and the outcomes of the initial assessment.

If there are any questions concerning how we would design our services around your needs, please feel free to arrange an appointment.

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